Hi! I'm an Atlanta native, interior stylist, loud laugher, diyer and creative space maker. In short, I love to laugh and design cool rooms. If I could sum up my "style", it would have to be, whatever feels right. When I'm putting a space together, I'm never looking to match styles (industrial, mid-century, bohemian), I'm looking for pieces that help tell the story. What message is this room conveying and what feeling do people to get when they walk in?

I'm obsessed with the details. Each piece should add to the story while also be amazing on its own. I don't think your entire home has to have the same theme and I believe you can have neutral spaces and colorful ones that exist under the same roof - shocker, I know. There are no rules when decorating a home, because the people that occupy them are all different.


For me, interior decorating isn't about creating a magazine ready space. Instead, I help my clients focus on making their homes havens of things that they've found, things they've made, and a few things loved. This combination means they get to experience their spaces, not just live in them. The phrase is to turn a "house into a home" but around here, I like to make home a little bit unexpected.


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